About Us

Fashion brand Oxygen London was created by North East Girl, Georgia in 2015. After graduating from University she felt the desire to design her own collection in womenswear taking inspiration from the catwalks, adding her own style & influence to each piece.

Due to fast fashion, Oxygen London decided to stop designing their own collections and focus on bringing new styles little & often keeping up to date with all current trends.

We believe in bringing extra luxury and elegance to the brand - simple with extra detail making that outfit even more unique, a must have addition to your wardrobe! For this reason we only select premium & contemporary outfits so that all of our customers get the best quality they deserve.

All clothing are photographed & styled by Oxygen London, which means all images shown on the website are our own to show off the quality of the outfits best we can. All accessories, bags & footwear are handpicked from our in house buyer to ensure our customers get the best quality of everything we provide, so you can put all your trust in us and know when buying from Oxygen London, your own gift wrapped parcel won't disappoint when it arrives.

If you are wondering why Oxygen London is called "Oxygen London", when we are based at the other end of the country, it's simply just because "Oxygen Sunderland" doesn't quite have the same ring to it. London is simply in the name to represent being a British brand, and as for Oxygen, that was originally an anagram spelt a little different but we loved how simple "oxygen" was. It made sense for us as a business name as we simply can't live without it, just as us ladies can't live without our clothes!